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Specific offers of help during grief

Specific offers of help during grief

When someone is going through a hard time – grieving, yes, but also the multitude of hard times we are all living through – it can be hard to know what to *do*. How, exactly, to help.

I wrote about this in The Grief Handbook, but I believe strongly in the specific offer of help, rather than the vague “let me know if you need anything” that puts all the pressure of deciding, and asking, on the one who is grieving.

This beautiful excerpt from Janet Reich Elsbach (@raisinporpoise) says it so beautifully… and takes all the pressure out of doing something – anything.

You might think I’m pushing the boundaries of slices of joy when I say I found this in an email newsletter that’s a slice of joy (most are awful!) but trust me on this one. Three Things by Jenny Rosenstrach (@dinneralovestory) is a weekly wonder. I have two others, seeing as you asked: the weekly link list from @cupofjo and the Sunday Soother from @catherineandrews – both delightful reads… sign up now! What are you waiting for?

Here’s to a day of small gestures that convey big love and tether us to the land of the living ❤️

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