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Poems about joy

poems about joy

A beautiful way to spend a Monday morning… Sifting through poems about joy to find the final few to add to a list of daily joyful poems for April.

My lovely friend Shivani (@circanow_za) introduced me to the joyful poem a few weeks ago – the one that makes you laugh, or smile, or look at the world differently… in a sweeter way.

Wouldn’t it be fun, I asked her, to share one every day for a month? Shall we do it in April?

It was a whole body yes from her (another concept she taught me!) and of course, because she’s wonderful, she’s taken that original idea and built on it… A WhatsApp broadcast list with additional resources and guided practices, and a half-day retreat in Cape Town on the 29th April (see you there?)

You can find out all the details on @circanow_za … And keep your eyes peeled from the 1st April for a daily dose of poetic joy 🍉 ☀️


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