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The Art of Disappearing

The Art of Disappearing

If a poem could be a theme song, this would be mine right now.

It was gifted to me, along with the most incredible cup of hot chocolate rocket fuel, by my lovely friend Shivani. You’ll find her on @circanow_za which you should definitely follow… I’ll wait here while you do.

What surprised and delighted me about this poem was that it made me laugh out loud – both with recognition (it me!) and surprise (become a cabbage?)

In the days since she gave it to me, I’ve shared it with anyone who will listen – like a new song I can’t stop listening to…

I think, perhaps, I’ve had poetry upside down all this time. I thought it was mostly serious, and hard to get into.

I love Billy Collins, and Mary Oliver, Samantha Reynolds (@bentlily) and Maggie Smith (@maggiesmithpoet). But now, it seems, I love Naomi Shihab Nye (@naomishihabnye) as well! I wonder how many other wonders are waiting to be uncovered? 💫

Shivani and I decided today to do A Month of Joyful Poems for April, so strap yourselves in – it’s going to be a delightful ride! A poem a day that offers up joy… Inspired by Maggie Smith’s list she shared yesterday.

What about you? Is this like the scented candle thing… am I just late to the party and everyone else knows how wonderful poetry is?!


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