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The triage of control

the triage of control

I got stuck in a terrible traffic jam this afternoon (30 extra mins, needed to pee, really very hungry for lunch).

But instead of ranting and raging, I rolled my window down. Appreciated the trees and mountains that I usually can’t see because I’m zooming past. Listened to a truly outstanding podcast episode (for the second time – thank you @onbeing 🙏🏻).

When I eventually got home, I was calm. After I peed, I felt borderline euphoric (you know the feeling). And when I ate lunch, at last, I was truly grateful for it.

I attribute much of my calm approach to the Stoic wisdom I’ve been steeping in lately, like a strong cup of tea… In particular, the triage of control.

There are three kinds of situations: those we have no control over (traffic), those we have limited control over (trying our best, regardless of outcome) and those we have complete control over (our goals and values). So often, we spend large chunks of our time getting upset about things over which we have no control… Stoicism suggests that if we value tranquility (as they suggest we do), this is a futile pursuit.

After the loveliest traffic jam in recent memory, I’m inclined to agree…

Also, can we all agree that peeing when you’ve been holding it in for ages is a total slice of joy?!


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