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A Guide to the Good Life

A Guide to the Good Life

I got a message from my body yesterday, and I listened.

The message was: Stop.
Not: slow down, or pause, or take it easy. Stop.

So I did something I hardly ever do, and cancelled plans for today. Fun plans! Because I felt very clearly I needed to do nothing all day, or… something not good. So I stopped.

And it was glorious. I slept in, and read my book. Lay on the hammock, and finished my book. Ate lunch with my family, and napped. Went for a slow walk to the beach. And that was it…

It was a glorious day. Any day with a book in a hammock is a special day (what a slice of joy!) but this is an outstanding book that I think everyone should read (we are so wrong about the Stoics! They had such a taste for delight!)

I know it’s not socially acceptable to cancel plans because you feel you must (and nothing more specific than that), but this day has returned me to myself, and I am so grateful for that.

I also think it’s interesting that I’m only now beginning to learn how to listen to my body… What about you?

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