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The power of the pause

the power of the pause

Just… pause.
I’ve noticed a tendency in myself lately, and I wonder if you’ve noticed it too? I can only describe it as ‘busy for my own good’.

Some weeks (like last week, for me) are undeniably busy. Many demands being made, not a lot of give. But after a time like that, I think there needs to be an equal and opposite unwinding and refilling.

What I’ve noticed is that I’ll often fill my time with things I really enjoy doing – seeing friends, yoga, things around the house left untended – when what I really need to do is pause. Cut myself some slack. Potter around aimlessly for a bit (ideally in the garden, without a watch).

It feels, to me, like being juiced and then refilling my juice. And the refilling needs unstructured time and space to notice the little things, soak up the slices of joy, ground in the present moment, breathe…

So that’s what I’m doing this morning: taking time in my garden to do nothing much.

What helps you fill up?


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