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20 years of friendship…

20 years ago today, I went out dancing – as I did at least twice a week when I was 19 – and finally met Emile. I say finally because everyone had been telling me I had to meet him… Mainly because I kept talking about spirituality and books and deep meaningful stuff in clubs, instead of the usual random chitchat.

I have a distinct memory of him wearing a tie, as all the cool kids did in those days (can we blame The Killers?) and of us having a shouted conversation about my conviction that it was possible to be an angel on earth, while still alive. Bless.

It has been a beautiful 20 years of friendship since that day. Through moves all over South Africa and overseas, relationships starting and ending, marriage and kids and my mom dying, Squirrel has been my constant companion. Unky Squirrel, as my kids call him, because he likes nibbling on nuts. 🐿

He’s coming to visit next week and I cannot *wait* because we’re going to celebrate by drinking tea and talking. What greater celebration of friendship could there be? ❤️

PS: how cute were we?!

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