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Circular economy fashion

Really chuffed about how this dress turned out. And about using the word ‘chuffed’ in a sentence. And somehow using my plants as a photo frame. Triple chuffed!

I bought this lovely frock from @bicyclegirlvintage for R80 (R80! $5!) but it was a little big – so I took it in. A little see-through – so I added a petticoat. A little long in the sleeves – so I made them short and cute.

And now? I think I love it! It’s so fun to wear. Especially because I did all the alterations by hand while watching rom coms, so it was a slice of joy to mend en route to a slice of joy to wear… 🍉

I have to say – the profusion of Instagram vintage shops has made buying new even less attractive than it was before… This way I get to support a circular economy, for less money, with no chance of wearing the same outfit as someone else! Win-win-win 💫


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