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Stella the movie

It’s today! Stella (@stellathemovie) is here.

Don’t ask me how, but my brilliant friend Jessica Fox (@filmfoxwrite) came up with an idea for a movie, and then wrote a beautiful script, and then got funding to turn it into a feature film, and then gathered an extraordinary team around her – actors, set designer, costume designer, cinematographer, sound magicians, musicians, editors and more – and made a movie. She directed it, helped produce it, helped edit it and has been involved in every step from conception to the finished product.

And today it is complete!

What is so extraordinary about this – despite the fact that *my friend made a feature film* – is that it’s in homage to her grandmother, who survived the Holocaust. I keep describing it as the Jewish Cinderella, but it’s so much more than that…

“It’s 1937. History is coming.”
Doesn’t it give you chills?!

I can’t wait to see the finished film when we see each other in a few weeks. What a day! 💫

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