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My brilliant friend

Let me tell you about my brilliant friend, Jessica Fox.

We’ve been kindred spirits since the first week of freshman year at F&M, and regularly send each other daily voice messages of over 10 minutes. But! That’s not what makes her exceptional.

What makes her exceptional is her creative spirit, and the way she brings things to life that others only dream about. She did it when she got a job at NASA (NASA!) as their first Official Storyteller. She did it a few years back with her memoir, Three Things You Need to Know About Rockets, which she casually published internationally (no big deal).

And she’s doing it again now, with the feature film she’s making – independently. It’s called Stella, and it’s a Jewish retelling of the Cinderella story, and the script she wrote gave me goosebumps. Somehow, she has not only written the script but is bringing it to life – directing, co-producing, creating. I cannot wait to see it in real life, and I am in daily awe that she has brought this film into being through sheer force of will (and serendipity).

Also: aside from the fringe, I think I was born in the wrong era, no?

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