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The gift of radio and podcasts

My mom loved listening to the radio – and podcasts. She was a big fan of talk radio, and particularly any show Nancy Richards hosted. She’d often call me after one of her shows and begin the conversation with, “Nancy was just saying…” as if they’d been talking on the phone.

I think that’s the great gift of radio and podcasts, actually – they make you feel as if you’re friends with the host, chatting naturally over a cup of tea.

It was particularly meaningful for me that my first radio or podcast interview for The Grief Handbook was with Nancy Richards, the day before my mom’s anniversary. And now it’s live! And you get to listen to it, and see why my mom loved her so…

I’m so thrilled to be part of the Meet the Author series on Woman Zone ( and on BooksStoriesPeople on

I wonder if my mom can stream them from wherever she is now?

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