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A 5 day trail in Hluhluwe

A 5 day trail in Hluhluwe

Tortoise for a week. 🐢

In May 2019, we enquired about a 5 day trail in Hluhluwe game reserve. 4 and a half years ago… Before my mom died. Before COVID. In the Before Time.

Tomorrow, we’re finally going on the trail.

5 days totally unplugged. Sleeping under the stars. Walking in the wild. I am so excited!

Imagine a week of no work, no emails, no parenting, no responsibilities? Just nature and wild animals and silence. I actually can’t imagine it – it is so completely opposite to everyday life lately…

But here we go! One backpack, one week, one Great Big Adventure 💫

#backpacking #wilderness #hluhluwe

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