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The finals of the DCB Innovation Challenge

The finals of the DCB Innovation Challenge

I am beyond happy, excited, thrilled, proud, honoured (all the adjectives) to share that I’m in the Top 3, friends! 🙌🏻

I made it to the finals of the DCB Innovation Challenge, and I’ll be going to a bootcamp in the Swiss mountains with my lovely colleague, and then pitching live on stage for a 1 in 3 chance at $100k to make our idea a reality.

Can you believe it?! I am starting to believe it… but it feels huge.

Not only because I worked *so* hard at this, and spent so much time outside my comfort zone (I practically set up camp there!) but also because I care so deeply about our idea.

Africa Diabetes Chat is a diabetes education solution for South Africa – and Africa – using WhatsApp that could change the lives of so many people. This process made me refine exactly why I believe it’s the right solution, and it’s become crystal clear to me.

So now! A flurry of work ahead of our departure at the end of this month (!) and a whole lot of exhaling 😉

#diabetes #diabetesza #diabeteseducation #pitch #whatsapp📲

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