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Life update

Life update

Life update in 3 parts:

🌈 My lovely brother and his lovely partner are having their wedding celebration at our house on Saturday (and I am so, so happy for them!)

🌈 I leave for Switzerland the next day: for a week’s bootcamp in the Swiss mountains and then a few days off before pitching live in front of an audience of 300 for a 1 in 3 chance to win $100k for and create our diabetes education chatbot (and I am so excited!)

🌈 3 days after I return from Switzerland it’s World Diabetes Day, the busiest day of my year, and I’m flying to Joburg for the Diabetes Summit, at which I’m both speaking and moderating (and I feel overwhelmed at all the work to do before I go, and all the balls to juggle in the next few weeks…)

Please send me strength and good vibes, friends!
I need them all ✨


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