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Done my best

Done my best

This is the face of a woman who has done her best. (Although, to be honest, it was taken several hours before my pitch this afternoon… but I already knew I’d done my best!)

Friends, it went so well. SO well. I practised it at least 25 times today, and by the time the pitch came, I was calm and excited (and the right kind of nervous). I could not have worked harder or prepared better or represented the South African diabetes community more authentically. That is an extraordinary feeling.

It wasn’t just about me: I was one voice for many. And my voice was heard, and understood.

Will we make it to the Top 3? I don’t know. But the amount I’ve learnt and the clarity I now have on what needs to happen next in diabetes education in South Africa are invaluable.

And now! Time for slices of joy and sleeping in past dawn and hanging out in my comfort zone alllllll weekend 😉

Big thanks to @shivaniranchod for the lovely pic, and for encouraging me to go up the West Coast before I pitched! 😜

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