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A little more ease at work

It has been a thrilling week of work with – a week of fascinating conversations and inspiring connections and new ideas and hopeful solutions and and and.

It’s easy, during thrilling weeks like this, to imagine the whole year will be at this giddy pace. But life, and work, and breath, and sleep, are all cyclical, right? We have periods of intensity and periods of rest.

I was lucky enough to do a Time to Think workshop with the wonderful @rosie.soul last year, and she posed this question to us… I love it so much. Saying the phrase out loud makes me feel better – more peaceful, more at ease. Like a long exhale.

If you’re at the end of a busy, thrilling week, may I ask you:

If we know that it takes time to truly embed significant change, how would we create a little more ease as we go through the next few months?

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