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A love letter to my home

My home is called Sound of the Sea. The name – and the wave sign in my favourite colour (verdigris) – were here when we moved in, and I could not love them more.

I could not love this home more.

We live one block from the beach – which would be impossible for us anywhere else but Hout Bay. I love Hout Bay, the way it’s a microcosm of South Africa, the way we’re ringed by mountains and the ocean, the way the tourists flock in for a few weeks but leave us alone the rest of the year.

But this home! Oh this home. I love it viscerally – the floors, the walls, the wonky cupboard doors. I love the garden the most, of course, because it was nothing but beach sand when we moved in, and now it’s a source of constant joy and wonder.

I love that it’s a haven for the four of us, and a welcome for all those who visit.

I love that I can walk outside into my garden and gaze at the mountains, the clouds, the sea birds wheeling in the sky.

And I love that every so often – not all the time, but now and then – I can notice just how much I love it, and how lucky I am to live here ❤️


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