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A simple route to joy

What’s that? Why yes, the top drawer of my freezer is filled with tiny tubs of homemade ice cream! And yes, I am very excited about them.

On a whim, I signed up for @kristenskickassicecream First Dibs subscription, where they send you 8 tubs of surprise flavours every month. I am so excited I could squeak!!

We’re going to choose which flavour to eat by family vote, and each get a quarter of a tub (lines will be drawn in the ice cream). It feels like such a simple, inexpensive way to bring 8 big slices of joy into our lives…

(And yes, inexpensive is relative, but it’s the same price as a nice lunch out at a restaurant, and will give us – all! – such a dose of magic in our everydays).

Tonight’s flavour has been chosen already – we are all chocolate lovers so we’re *obviously* going for triple chocolate brownie. I wonder what delightful flavour tomorrow will be?!


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