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Allow others to take responsibility for themselves

Many years ago, my husband and I went to the School of Practical Philosophy every Wednesday evening to try and untangle some of life’s mysteries. It was a time before kids and great work responsibility, when we had nothing but time and so many questions… And we found a place to grapple with them.

Around this time of year, I distinctly remember a discussion around family dynamics during the holidays, and how difficult they were to navigate (in different flavours, for everyone). The advice was so profound and so simple that I repeated it to myself for years. And a few days ago it popped up, unannounced, as a gift from my memory.

“Allow others to take responsibility for themselves. Forgive yourself and others.”

I offer it to you as a gift before the silly season starts… wouldn’t it be a kinder, more loving festive season if we could all soften into this advice? That’s what I intend doing.

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