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The best moment of the day

When Mark and I went on our amazing trip around South-East Asia and South America, we did a daily short video called ‘The best moment of the day’. In it, we highlighted something amazing that had happened that day – something we’d seen or eaten or experienced. The other day I found the playlist online: 96 of the best moments from our trip. It made me deeply, deeply nostalgic.

But now I have a new version of the best moment of the day…

It’s a diary: One Line a Day. I actually started writing a one line a day diary when we got married, so I have a record of the first five years of our marriage – and I started one when Arthur was born, so I’ll have a record of the first five years of motherhood.

Lately, though, it’s become more difficult to do because there are too many adorable / beautiful / sweet / funny moments to choose from. Yesterday, for example: do I write about how we were all tired from a very fun (but very late) party on Saturday night, so Arty and I lay down for a 9am nap together in my bed… And as he snuggled up to me he said, “It’s been a very long day!”

Or do I write about how I made homemade kitka/challah for the first time and it was so delicious that the four of us polished off a whole loaf, chunk by chunk. Ella loved it so much that she kept reaching over to the loaf and breaking off pieces from the inside, thinking we couldn’t see her being a sneaky thief. When she’s a 13-month-old and about as sneaky as a hippo crashing through the jungle.

Do I write about Ella’s particular happy noise when she’s playing with Arty (“do-dil-do-dil-do” in a singsong on repeat), or the many hilarious things Arty tells me as fact every day (“Mom. Dinosaurs love underpants, but where do they get them from?”)

Or the sweetest moments I catch between the two of them, or the sloppy kisses from Arty and burrowing cuddles from Ella? Or the moments where all four of us are piled in my bed and I feel as if we’re a family of tigers (maybe because Arty says: “let’s be a family of tigers!”)

There are many other moments in the day, don’t get me wrong… Many less sweet, some exhausting, many very noisy. But oh! those best moments of the day are just the best.

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