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Daily fun and silliness

How much fun and silliness do you have in your life at the moment? I’m on a bit of a crusade to inject as much fun as I can into the everyday… It has been such a long, hard time for so many of us, and I’m on the hunt for moments to lift my spirits any place I can find them.

Which is why this surprise gift from @marnisvdb *totally made my day*. Meet my new work buddy! She’s hanging out by my computer reminding me not to take things too seriously (and she is entirely hand-stitched, how amazing?!)

Every morning when I see my plant in a butt I snigger. It’s a plant! In a butt!

And the lovely @clarence_clarabella_cares suggested putting googly eyes on everything, to which I replied: yes! (Swipe for my happy googly eye monster next to the best-ever plant vase from @nadiasitas). 🌱

Who needs serious and chic and understated when we can be silly and fun and colourful?

Consider this your permission slip to set aside the adulting for a moment and do something silly 😜


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