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What small thing could you do for yourself today?

It was a weekend of very little sleep, thanks to a poor poppet of a sick child. I woke up yesterday morning feeling the kind of desperate I haven’t felt since my kids were babies – wrung out, headachey, exhausted, despairing of ever feeling rested again. (I do not react well to sleep deprivation, can you tell?!)

I prepared myself for a day of feeling grumpy and shattered – enduring the hours till bedtime. But then, on my way to the pharmacy for yet more medication, I thought: flowers. And I bought myself these extravagant gladioli that honestly lift my spirits and give me a little shiver of delight every time I look at them. I bought warm, fresh, crusty croissants for my family, and decided to chart a different course for the day… One in which we snuggled in bed and read The Faraway Tree (The Land of Tea Parties, yes please!) and napped and didn’t do anything productive. One in which we were gentle and kind to each other, and spoke about how exhausted we felt, and didn’t have to count down till bedtime.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes an act of kindness towards myself – buying extravagant flowers or taking a cheeky nap or eating something treatsy while watching a rom com – can shift my mood entirely.

Is there something small you could do today that would delight you? Some small slice of joy you could engineer for yourself? 🍉 💫


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