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Living with Type 1 diabetes has become so much a part of me that I’m always surprised if somebody doesn’t know I’m diabetic. Like, really? It’s not stamped on my forehead? I have diabetes, I have kids, I have lost my mom.

Today is the first time ever in South Africa that all South Africans with diabetes are uniting together under #DiabetesLooksLikeMe to put a face to the condition… Many faces to the condition.

We are showing that diabetes isn’t just the negative images you see in the media – it’s all of us, as humans, living with a chronic condition every day. Some days are exhausting, some days are fine, but diabetes is there with us every day. The daily medication, the constant testing, the attempt to walk a tightrope between high and low every moment of every day.

Invisibly stamped on our foreheads.

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