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Finding what resonates

What resonates with you?

One of the magical things about publishing a book, that I will never get tired of, is that once it’s out in the world it has a life of its own… I think of it as one half of a magnet hunting for the other half to click into place. And when it does, it resonates, with a beautiful reverberating hum. And when it doesn’t, it moves on till it finds someone who it connects with.

Today I’m lucky enough to be speaking to two very different people who have resonated with The Grief Handbook: a pastor in Nelspruit teaching a course on the tsunami of grief and using my book as a resource, and Kamini Pather on Instagram Live at 6.30pm. Please join us if you’re free and want a space to talk about what grief is really like… and how we might find our way through the hardest days.

The beautiful thing about resonating? It applies to so much of our lives: work, relationships, books, food, friends. We all deserve to be finding things that make us hum, quietly, in a deep and satisfying tone.

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