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The gift of refilling

A week ago, we headed off into the wilderness of the Cederberg and the Tankwa Karoo for 6 blissful days of being unplugged… No phones, no laptops, no signal, nothing to do but drive through vast expanses and spend quality time with my husband and kids.

Bliss! It included all the things I expected – campfires and starry skies and memory-making and picnics and vast, desolate beauty and a longing for private showers and my comfy bed (I am not a natural camper).

But also a few unexpected things – the Cape is blooming, all over. Flowers dripping from fruit trees and bursting up from succulents and lining the roads from flowering weeds. Some deep processing of my mom being gone, as I did nothing but stare out the window, listening to music and occasionally folding origami paper cranes. A realization that so much of life is output – emails and meetings and articles and talking… it was such a gift just to refill.

And, of course, the inevitable knowledge – as soon as we step away from our busy work lives – that the world does not stop spinning when we stop doing. I’m going to try and carry that with me as I enter the new week!

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