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I believe in Book Fairies!

I woke up this morning feeling desperate about the situation in Durban, my hometown, where my dad and many friends still live.

Desperate and hopeless and helpless.

In the face of this feeling, what to do? All I can think of is spreading the idea of slices of joy… I’ve put the excerpt up on my website, as a download (link in bio) if you need it.

I can also help spread a few slices of joy by handing out 10 free copies of The Grief Handbook with the lovely Book Fairies Cape Town.

Check out my Instagram to see the lovely books I’ll be hiding in some of Cape Town’s most beautiful spots today… Pics and locations will be shared live as I go along.

“We’re not aiming for joy right now, of course. We’re aiming for a little less despair, a little less heartache, a little more breathing space.”

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