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Let’s not leave any love unspoken

I saw this beautiful post from @meredith.e.tan and immediately wanted to share it… How many lovely things do we think but never say out loud?

One of the great gifts, when my mom died (one of the only gifts, let’s be honest), was that none of us had any doubt how she felt about us – how much she loved us. She told us at the end of every phone call and message. She wrote us notes and cards and wrote the sweetest messages in books that she gave as gifts. She loved out loud.

I try to do the same. I think so often we have the loveliest thoughts and feelings about people, but we think it might be weird if we say it out loud. Or we think they know it already. Or we’re just too busy getting through the day, and don’t get around to letting them know how we really feel…

One thing I am truly delighted by is that for my mom’s 70th – 2 years before she died – I made a book for her in which her friends and family told her how special she was. She was so surprised by it! She had no idea that was how people felt. It was such a joy to hand her something physical that was an expression of all of our love. I just did the same thing for my dad and he was similarly taken aback.

Let’s not hold anything back. Let’s pour all the love out and make as much mess as we need to. Let’s not leave any love unspoken ❤️

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