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Same lunch or same outfit for the rest of your life?

I’ve been thinking, lately, how different we all are…

I will happily eat the same thing for breakfast and lunch every day. Partly because it’s easier to manage my blood sugar that way, but also because while I *love* eating, I don’t love the preparation and thinking necessary to come up with new lunches every day. Other people are horrified by this sameness, I know.

On the other hand, I often spend most of my shower thinking about what I’ll wear for the day – even if I’m just at home. I take great delight in choosing an outfit for the day and would never (never!) repeat an ensemble two days in a row. I don’t own a t-shirt or jeans. Other people live in a variety of the same outfit every day…

This is just one, fairly insignificant, way that I see the world differently from you, but there are so many others! And yet when we join together socially, or for work, we somehow assume we should all be on the same page… Why is that?

It’s like expecting a whole range of colours to suddenly appear brown, even though that’s not their nature.

I find this stuff fascinating because I think if we could just remember it – at the back of our minds – we’d save ourselves a lot of unnecessary discombobulation when other people see things totally differently.

What do you think? Same lunch or same outfit for the rest of your life – which do you choose?!

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