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Leveling up at work

This is the face of someone who’s enormously relieved and thoroughly exhausted.

I just finished moderating an amazing webinar. Organized by the @intdiabetesfed (International Diabetes Federation) about the @who (World Health Organization) diabetes targets.

It’s something I feel really passionate about – I’ve been harping on for years (with how we need diabetes targets to motivate people to take diabetes seriously.

But this was next level.

Incredible speakers. An intimidatingly eloquent panel. Over 500 people watching live, with 1800 getting the recording afterwards… My first time moderating something like this.

But it went well! It was totally fascinating and insightful and I feel honoured to have been given the opportunity.

Also: pro tip. When preparing for something scary, watch an episode of Ted Lasso first. Pure joy injection… A 30 minute slice of joy! 🍉 💫

#diabetes #slicesofjoy

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