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Cape Town’s best massage

Friends in Cape Town – if you know, you know.

If you don’t know, allow me to introduce you to the glorious @enmasse_massage.

Tucked away in an unassuming building in town is this absolute gem of a massage spot that I’ve been coming to for the last 10 years (since @vicki_iwantthat told me about it!)

Forget about whale music and greasy hair after a massage, and poky little rooms with beige towels. No thanks to all of that. An en masse massage starts the moment you step into the vaulted ceiling lobby. It smells amazing, the lights are all dim (yes please!) and the playlist is solid gold. Nina Simone, the xx, that track you absolutely love but can’t remember the name of – you get the idea…

You’re given clean white pyjamas to change into and then led upstairs to the massage room. Singular. One giant room with high ceilings and cordoned off massage pods – each with mattresses, pillows and soft blankets… all white and deeply comfortable. And there your magical masseuse fixes you.

Honestly, that’s what it feels like. I’ve had a massage from pretty much every en masse masseuse, I think, and every time I get exactly what I need. Hard, soft, Thai, reflexology, other things I don’t know the name of. It’s wonderful.

But the slice of joy isn’t over yet, friends! Feel free to take a nap after your massage, or head back downstairs to kick back, relax and drink some delicious @enmassetea (I am currently sipping some delicious Jasmine Queen – my fave).

And then, at last, eventually, you leave… And head back into the world feeling calmer, more relaxed, refreshed. More human.

Happy Friday, friends! 💫

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