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The power of spontaneity

Snow! Actual snow! An hour and a half from home!

Along with most of Cape Town, we trekked to find some snow yesterday and oh my goodness it was so exciting! We already had morning plans and then decided (on a whim!) to take the kids for dim sum for lunch… “The best lunch ever!” according to my son (thanks, South China Dim Sum!)

Then we got home and (on another whim!) packed a picnic and headed to Franschhoek to see if we could find snow before the sun set… Honestly, I didn’t think it was going to work out. But it did! And it was glorious.

*Glorious*. Surprising and breathtakingly beautiful and so fun to have a snowball fight with my kids and see them experiencing snow for the first time.

The whole day reminded me of the power of spontaneity. I think COVID has stolen spontaneity from us, for the last year and a half, and I think it’s time to politely ask for it back. Masked and social distanced and outdoors and all that jazz – spontaneity still exists. And it is so good for the soul

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