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Learning to micro-meditate

Let’s talk about micro-meditations for a moment…

I’ve been technically doing Insight Timer meditations for over 1000 days, but honestly just using Sarah Blondin’s melodic voice to lull me to sleep… It’s only in the last 30 days that I’ve been properly trying to meditate. And yoh! I am so bad at it.

I started with 3 minutes, and a gong on either side. Just focusing on the breath moving in and out of my nose. Let me tell you that meditation does something whack to time, because those were the longest 3 minutes of my day… After 10 days I upped it to 4 mins, after 20 days I upped it to 5 mins, and I’m just about to up it to 6 mins. But don’t be thinking I’m sitting there achieving enlightenment for 3 or 4 or 5 mins! My mind is the definition of monkey mind.

And yet. Every time I notice I’ve wandered off and bring my attention back to my breath, it helps. Every night when I do this meditation before I start reading, I can feel the dust around me settle. I return to myself, even if it’s just for 30 seconds.

So here’s to being really, really bad at something, and doing it anyway…And who knows, maybe one day I really will achieve enlightenment!

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