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The Highly Sensitive Person

The Highly Sensitive Person

I have never felt so understood by a book.

If we’ve met in real life in the last few months, odds are I’ve ‘gently’ slipped highly sensitive people into the conversation, because I haven’t been able to stop talking (or thinking) about sensitivity, and what a role it’s played in my life…

The Highly Sensitive Person book is 24 years old, and a little outdated, but still explained aspects of my childhood, adolescence, college experience, work life and relationships to me in a way that was (and is) mind-blowing.

I’m still processing and figuring it out and folding it into my life, but if you suspect you may be highly sensitive, give this a read. It might just make a whole bunch of disparate puzzle pieces all click together.

I love learning more about myself, and this has been probably the biggest learning of my adult life (thus far)… 💫

What a joy to feel seen, and recognized, and understood.

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