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The joy of an ordinary life

I’ve just finished the most remarkable book, and read a beautiful essay, and a lovely blog post. And they’re all saying the same thing: let’s find joy in the everyday. Because really, what’s the other option? Hanging on for a big break, or something epic to happen, or a holiday? No thanks!

The book, in case you were wondering, was Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life – a most amazing and quirky collection of essays, lists, random thoughts and musings on everything in life, from A to Z. I absolutely loved it, and totally resonated with the author, Amy Krouse Rosenthal. In fact, in another life I think we may have been friends… Alas, not this one, as she’s also the author of the viral (and beautiful) essay: You May Want to Marry My Husband. She died in March this year, and what a loss it is to the world…

On a similar vein, but also entirely different, is the lovely blog post: What if All I Want is A Mediocre Life? Mediocre is an ugly word in our society, I think, but the writer turns it into something else… Something beautiful. What if the middle way that Buddha always spoke about, the way without drama and excessive highs and lows, gets defined as mediocre these days? If so, sign me up. Sign me up for sweet days and restful nights, being good enough and not always striving for more (more of everything), not needing to be in the limelight and accepting the warm glow of the fireside instead.

Sign me up for an ordinary life.

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