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Unnecessary beauty

Unnecessary beauty might be one of my favourite things on earth.

And oh! Lisbon was full of it. The tiled houses! The intricate balustrades! The little metal flowers on railings, just because…

There were so many beautiful tiled houses that I almost forgot how special they were, until a new design or particularly vivid colour reminded me, again. Apparently this is called hedonic adaptation – we get used to the beautiful / wonderful things in our lives rather quickly, and return to our base level of happiness. (That’s why winning the Lottery apparently doesn’t make you happier… I will happily test it out, though.)

Luckily, a week of unnecessary beauty wasn’t enough to dull the edges, and I relished these gorgeous houses just as much as I will relish the wild nature of Cape Town when I get home…

A final note, just because I got a kick out of it: the yellowish light in some of these pics is from the street lights, which give off a bright but friendly glow. Remember that wonderful novel I recommended a few months ago, The Motion of the Body Through Space? One of the characters is obsessed with these lights! He says they make cities friendly and liveable. Having experienced walking safely at night in their warm orange glow, I concur.

Who knew a streetlight could be a slice of joy?! 💡 🍉


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