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A magic suitcase

You might not think so to look at it, but this is a magic suitcase. Like Mary Poppins’ carpet bag, only better.

We have been traveling together for 13 years and have seen… a lot. Through Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Brazil, Argentina, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, the USA (thrice), Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, France, all over South Africa and now Portugal.

Somehow – magically – no matter what I buy during my travels (which is generally a lot, because my minimalist nature seems to evaporate as I enter a new country) it fits. Of course, this takes some effort… Every single time I pack, I get to 70% and think: oh! I’m doing well! And then end up having to sit on my suitcase to close it 😏

But see how willingly it carries the burden! How happy it is to be dragged through airports and train stations, on pavements and roads and dirt paths, never complaining about its heavy load.

I take great pleasure in finding ‘the one’ when it comes to possessions. And this beauty has been the one for a very happy 13 years – and counting! (It’s a Samsonite, for those asking.)

Also: how amazing is it to open your suitcase on the other side, when all the treasures you’ve bought have been vaguely forgotten and suddenly reveal themselves as true wonders in a new location? I love it!


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