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Vaccinated! What a relief.

I did not anticipate the profound relief of getting my first COVID-19 vaccine. I feel like I can finally exhale, after months of holding my breath…

Some of this, of course, is because I’m living with Type 1 diabetes, so I’ve been in the high risk pool from day 1 (not a fun pool to splash around in, let me tell you!)

Some is because we haven’t caught COVID yet, and it’s starting to feel like Russian roulette, and that our luck can’t possibly last.

But mostly it’s because this huge fear – of ending up in hospital with serious COVID – has now disintegrated. I know the first vaccine isn’t 100% (and probably no vaccine is 100%) but I also know that the risk is significantly less, now. And I will take that! With gratitude and thanks and a spring in my step.

I skipped to the vaccination booth yesterday. I woke up with a smile in my heart today. It finally feels as if maybe – one day – we might emerge from this pandemic. And won’t that be a beautiful thing?

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