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Bridget McNulty Posts

Modern day women and the roles we play

Is it possible? Am I writing about something that isn’t grief or parenting related? Believe it!

This has been such a strange time to live through, hasn’t it? One of the themes that keeps recurring in conversations with my friends is male/female gender roles. They’ve been brought into the spotlight for many of us. It’s something I’m still grappling with, so I’m not sure how coherent this will be, but here goes…

Life in the time of coronavirus

Well! What a strange year this turned out to be. Who would have thought, when I wrote about a peaceful and present 2020, that the world would turn upside down and we’d be living through a global pandemic? I have largely kept quiet on here because I think there’s generally been too much noise, and too many people thinking their opinions are important. But this morning I feel the need to write.

A peaceful and present new year

It’s 2020! We’re in the future. And I’m in my lovely, peaceful home, surrounded by plants and enjoying the silence of a house without children for the first time in a month. We had a really lovely Christmas and a beautiful New Year holiday that was nevertheless tinged with sadness because of the absence of my mom. Christmas without a mom! Who would have thought it was possible? Now that it’s a new year, I have a simple and powerful focus that I hope will permeate every aspect of 2020…