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Great Mom advice

I’m always on the lookout for mom advice – always. Maybe one day I’ll feel like I have this whole mothering thing waxed, but for now I’m always keen to learn more. Both for my own sanity, and for my kids. I got two fantastic pieces of Mom advice last week, and wanted to share them…

True self / Mom self

I’ve been thinking a lot, lately, about the different versions we all have within us. This is partly because after my amazing holiday (amazing! so amazing!) I felt like I reconnected with the part of me that has been around much longer than I’ve been a Mom… And then I came home and said goodbye to that part.

Everything will be all right

(This should be read while listening to The Killers track of the same name – see below.) My defining memory of this song is listening to it on an overnight bus that took us from Brazil to Argentina. I had it on repeat as I looked out the window at the darkening landscape flashing past, worrying. We’d been staying in the ridiculously fabulous Hotel Das Cataratas on the edge of Iguassu Falls and were entering Argentina with very little money and no idea how long before we had to fly home with no plan.