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Colouring in to cope with homework

Don’t be jealous of my Ryan Gosling colouring book and colour-change markers…

Just kidding, how could you not be?! They are awesome.

I saved this book for years, waiting to a special occasion (so weird, but so true…) And now, finally, I have it: homework.

Every afternoon I have to do homework with my kids, which is an emotional experience (mainly for them, sometimes for me). Now, instead of trying to be patient or scrolling randomly on my phone, I get to colour in Ryan Gosling pics with magic colour change markers!

Alas, today my son discovered the joy of colour change markers and demonized Ryan’s beautiful face… But I’m hoping that’s just a phase. Right? Right.

It has been such a pleasure taking something I somewhat dreaded and pairing it with something I absolutely love (colouring in + Ryan Gosling). Now it’s my afternoon slice of joy – ahead of the equally lovely slice of joy of homework ending and all of us being released to play, of course!


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