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Grateful for an eyebrow

It’s the little things that count these days, isn’t it? In a world where we live largely between the four walls of our homes, ensconced with our families, we have to look for small moments of gratitude – small slices of joy. I am currently grateful for an eyebrow.

It might sound silly, but I went for an eyebrow wax in November (before all my National Diabetes Month TV appearances) and the lady skinned me. Like, removed almost every eyebrow hair till I had little more than a pencil line – and a visible gap with no hairs! It was awful. As she was waxing, I thought, “This has gone on too long. She’s taking too much off!” but by then it was too late.

And for months, I had awful eyebrows. Well, at least a month. But now! Now I have normal eyebrows again, and I’m grateful.

I am also grateful for:

  • Feeling healthy. Just normal, everyday healthy.
  • A cup of tea, every time.
  • That my kids are 4 and 6 (and not 2 and 4, or – worse yet! – newborn and 2).
  • My garden.
  • Being able to smell, and taste. It had never occurred to me to notice these things, but with COVID taking so many people’s senses away, I am now actively grateful for them.
  • Meaningful daily work.
  • The beautiful ordinary.

Here’s to feeling grateful for every little thing!

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