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Language Matters South Africa

Language Matters South Africa

Question 1: How awesome was the media launch of #LanguageMatters South Africa for this morning?
Super awesome.

Question 2: Why do I always clasp my hands so weirdly when I’m public speaking about stuff I care about?
I do not know.

What I do now is that, together with the lovely Jeanne from @bluecafe_, we crafted a delightful tea party this morning, attended by the most wonderful group of media (all women!) in a cosy, candlelit space (thanks loadshedding!) and talked about why the language and imagery of diabetes matters.

I told a few stories about why it’s so important to me, and got to share a little of why I am so proud of our diabetes stock photo shoot (150+ images are now out in the world! They’ve been viewed 95,000 times in the first week! They’re free for anyone to download!)

It was a beautiful morning, full of connection and delicious food, and I am so *relieved* it went so well!

And…. Exhale.


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