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My happy place

This is my happy place. A year ago, almost to the day, I sat at this spot – on the edge of a field of thyme, surrounded by fruit-laden nectarine trees – and finished The Grief Handbook.

Today I’m at @babylonstoren for a day of joy… A solo stroll around the gardens, a lazy lunch, a pedicure. It’s Sweet Life’s year-end (the Cape Town edition) and I am spending the day reflecting on the year that has passed and all the beautiful and exciting things wants to do next year to empower people with diabetes in South Africa.

But also, you know, sitting in the shade, munching on a sun-warm nectarine, breathing in the scent of thyme and watching the bees. Mostly that, in fact.

I feel like I got served a mega slice of joy.

Or rather, that I dished it up for myself. Because my inbox is still full and my To Do List is still long and there are all kinds of admin tasks for life and family that need doing. But I think it’s so important to block out a day, now and again, just for joy.

I hope you get one soon…

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