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The beauty of content strategy

I know most people wouldn’t describe their day jobs as beautiful, but I really think there’s something rather wonderful about content strategy. This may be because there’s nothing that saddens me more than people speaking in tongues and pretending it’s English – you know, paragraphs and paragraphs of marketing speak that you can’t actually understand no matter how slowly you read it. Similarly, it is a rare and precious joy to read a website or blog or get an email that sounds like a human has written it.

That’s the core of content strategy for me: creating words that sound like a human wrote them. It shouldn’t be that rare, should it? But it is!

In fact, I find that most of the words I read online (and there are hundreds and thousands of them) aren’t clear or concise – there’s no emotion to them, they don’t speak to me. I can tell straight away that I’m being sold to, and I resent that. So my goal with any of the content strategy I do is to cut through the noise so that people can hear what I’m trying to say. So that they can connect with what it is I’m trying to sell them… Because we’re all trying to sell something in some way, aren’t we? And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that if it’s done well.

I also get a real kick out of helping companies find their voice. When I read some of the websites I helped set up – BabyGroup or Now Novel or Sweet Life – it’s so awesome to me that there’s a real personality there, and I helped that personality find their voice. Like a child, but without any of the other stuff attached…

I’ve just updated this site to include what content strategy I offer – take a look if you’re interested!

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