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The power of focus

What you focus on, you see more of. This is one of those life truths that constantly slips through my fingers… I remember it, then forget it, then remember it again.

But it is *so true*. Focus on the things that irritate you about your partner / child / parent / colleague / friend, and those things are highlighted (in bold, underlined). Focus on their positive aspects and suddenly they become more delightful (or at least bearable).

I was reminded of this again today, as I caught up on my One Line A Day book. I started the practice when my son was born, 7.5 years ago, and have written one line for each day since. Cute things my kids say or do, quirky / crazy / infuriating behaviour, adventures we’ve had or the simple beauty of the everyday. Heartbreak, too, and moments of lightness amidst the heartbreak.

Sometimes – like today – I catch up on a week at a time because I’m behind. But oddly that only seems to heighten the awareness I have of the precious everyday. I’ve had so many funny things to choose from to write down today, and keep thinking of more…

I don’t generally recommend adding another To Do to the list, but goodness this book has added a lot of joy to my life… Or, rather, reminded me of the joy that was there all along: I just had to focus on it.


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