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45 mins of movement each day

Nature is so cool, isn’t it? 🌱

I feel like if we can just pause and notice what’s in front of us – just be right here, right now – there are so many little moments of beauty to be found. Like the sun slanting through these crazy striped leaves… one still furled up, one in full glory, one starting to die. There’s a life lesson in there somewhere.

I decided, this year, to dedicate 45 minutes in the morning to moving my body. Monday to Friday, after the kids leave for school and before work. It’s an entirely pressure-free decision – it can be swimming in the sea, yoga, walking or gardening, whatever I feel called to that day.

Inevitably, the first week was terrific and the second sucked – I accepted an early meeting, went on a work walking meeting and thought that counted (it does not), missed out on the precious stillness of starting the day in my own company, in my own body.

I can’t tell you what a difference it’s made now that I’m doing it every day… No matter how intense my day looks, if I know I have this glorious 45 mins to look forward to, I’m enthusiastic about it. And while I don’t consciously think about work, I often find solutions or ideas popping up unannounced (the subconscious troops hard at work, as my friend @jeannevonhirschberg says!)

I also find it so odd that it’s taken me nearly 40 years to recognize how important it is to move my body every day… Did everyone else know about this? I think maybe they did!


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