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The Winter of the Beret

The Winter of the Beret

I am declaring this The Winter of the Beret! Can I pull it off? Only time will tell…

I generally stick to my knitting with clothes. I love dresses, hate jeans, can’t do hats. But then my lovely friend @caraleephelps gave me this beret for my 40th (as well as this fabulously cuddly snood) and I thought: what the hell?! Let’s give it a go.

But friends, I made a fatal mistake… I tried wearing it like a Frenchwoman and felt, instead, like a total phony.

This year I’m going for the much more comfortable shower cap variation (I Googled it – it’s a thing) and I’m just going to wear it every cold day until I become a beret person…

Watch this space!

Also: dressing up in fun outfits to leave the house? Absolute #slicesofjoy 🍉

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