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I hate jeans

When it comes to fashion, I was born in the wrong decade. Give me the 20s, the 50s, the 60s or 70s! Give me fabulous dresses every day (please).

I love dresses. I claim to have a minimalist wardrobe because I have two pairs of shorts and one pair of long pants (I gave my one pair of jeans away last week). But when it comes to dresses, I have a collection… And I love it.

Lately, I have a new dress habit, too. Online vintage shopping – ooh la la! I would rather pop into @therejoycecollection every week, let’s be honest, but seeing as that’s not an option I will happily trawl @thrifolous or @old_news_vintage of an evening, with a cup of tea.

It feels like the sophisticated version of digging through piles of musty clothes as a teenager. Or like leafing through a digital fashion magazine.

I rarely buy things – I have a ‘one in, one out’ policy, so I can only buy something if I give something else away. But oh! What a slice of joy to indulge in imagining how my life would feel if I were wearing a certain dress…

Like this beautiful flowery number, at least a few decades old, that felt like the perfect accompaniment to an ice cold Cosmo on a sunny public holiday… 🍸 ☀️

Cheers to owning my style, releasing the need to like jeans (I just hate them, I’m sorry) and many more fabulous dresses in the future!


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