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Vintage clothing treasure

Never mind a slice of joy, this morning was a whole pie of joy!

If you ever find yourself in Durban, please do yourself a favour and book an hour at the most amazing @therejoycecollection with the equally amazing @janelinley_thomas. Oh my goodness, it was so fun…

Jane has created a treasure trove of thrifted vintage goodies – clothes, accessories, bags, shoes, sunglasses – the works! Everything has been lovingly chosen, carefully washed and scented with her special Rejoyce Collection spray. It’s a sensory delight…

I *love* vintage clothing… Show me a vintage dress and I will show you my biggest smile. But I no longer have time for digging through piles of gross, dirty clothes in the hopes of finding a treasure (my 20-year-old self is so disappointed in me!)

I tried on an armload of clothing today, and found 4 fabulous dresses, 2 beautiful skirts and a lovely top. I would call that a wild success!!

Wearing fun clothes has such a positive impact on me – it lifts my spirits, makes the day seem more playful and makes me cheerier. Thank you Janey for absolutely making my day!

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