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The World’s Most Beautiful No Entry Sign

I’m posting the World’s Most Beautiful No Entry Sign (seen last week in @kirstenbosch_nbg, no filter obvs) as a public commitment device.

I choose not to be on my phone out of work hours. There! I said it.

I am generally very good at leaving work behind when I walk out of my (home) office, but it’s November now – the whirlwind that is National Diabetes Month – and the temptation to quickly shoot off an email, or have a brief WhatsApp chat or jot down some ideas is *strong*.

Except! Here’s what it actually does.
It trips me up. I make silly choices, don’t think through things, forget to set the boundary that work belongs on email and WhatsApp is for family and friends. It’s not good for anyone!

Speaking of those family and friends… I’m cutting down on WhatsApp time too. I want to be here, now, not sucked into a screen.

But in as beautifully an organic way as this no entry sign… Just part of daily life. 🌱

I can do it! I think.

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